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Personal Training– mix of strength training for upper body, lower body and core and also incorporating high intensity and fitness training, kettlebells and TRX. Suitable for weight loss, muscle gain and general tone up.

Falls Classes– modified gentle exercises to help your balance and strength for your legs. If you feel unsteady on your feet, have a fear of falling or just feel as if your walking pace is slowing down his is the class for you.

Back Classes – If you are experiencing back pain, weakness or are feeling stiff and rigid through your back we will help to improve your mobility and strength in your lower back allowing you to return to day to day jobs that you would have previously avoided due to back pain.

Post Op Classes– If you are after any operation/surgery we will be able to complete rehab to bring you back to doing day to day activities or return to sport. Whether it’s back, knee, hip or shoulder operations we are here to help.

Osteoporosis Classes– We are running classes for those that have osteoporosis, osteopenia or those who are at risk of fracture due to unsteady gait or fear of falling. Current international consensus in managing osteoporosis recommends a combination of weight bearing and resistance training which incorporates balance exercises to decrease the incidence of falls and fractures. (Gianoudis et al., 2012). We run our osteoporosis and falls prevention exercise classes based on this knowledge.

Pilates– Pilates is a versatile form of non-impact exercise, designed to build strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, using controlled movements without building bulk or stressing joints. It also helps to sculpt the body and strengthen the body’s ‘core’ or ‘powerhouse’ (torso). Pilates is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and life stages and is a favourite exercise activity of celebrities and professional athletes alike. Physiotherapy-led pilates is instructed by a specifically trained physiotherapist, ensuring that each client is engaging the correct muscles and position during the class.

Multiple Sclerosis Classes:  Our MS classes, as advised by MS Ireland are designed so that everybody, regardless of ability or one just simply having an off day, are such that everybody can engage in and get the multiple benefits from exercising. We use a wide variety of exercises to target leg strength, balance, coordination, gait training and upper body strength within a fun group environment.

Parkinsons Disease Classes– We use an exercise tool called Smoovey rings to encourage exercise which in turn increases dopamine production. Loss of balance, difficulty climbing stairs, fear of falling are all symptoms associated with PD, that we can help improve through these classes. We also use light resistance exercises to help prevent the loss of muscle mass, improved general strength ultimately aiming at reducing ones risk of having a fall.

Teens Camp/Fitness– Introducing strength training to teenagers, improving posture and hip mobility as a lot of teenagers spend the majority of their time sitting down in school/watching TV etc. Our specially designed class also includes, running drills to improve running technique, high intensity training as part of the classes where cycling, running, boxing etc are completed hard for a short period of time and repeating this to increase the heart rate and aerobic conditioning. We also each plyometric drills and jumps which help to improve power and landing mechanics.

Mothers HIIT Circuit Class – As you are getting back into the school routine call into us after school drop off in the morning and get your circuit class done for the day. This involves improving your aerobic fitness by incorporating upper and lower body exercises in this class and also completing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) element to get your heart rate up.

Core/Flex/Posture Classes (Physiotherapy Led) – This class is a hybrid of strength, core, mobility, flexibility, Yoga & Pilates-type movements incorporated into the one class for the all round workout. Feel looser but stronger, feel relaxed but alive after the ultimate all round workout.

Runners Strength Training– 8 week strength training for runners which improves your strength and power, improves your running efficiency, endurance and running times and also reduces injury risk. We help to improve running mechanics and also improve endurance in calf/hamstring muscles to help prevent cramping towards the end of a marathon/long run.

Golf Fit – Maximise your performance on the golf course with this class as it specifically helps to improve strength and rotational power for golfers which in return help improve driving distance and increase club head speed. We help to improve lower leg strength and explosive power so that it is transferred through to the swing in golf. Improve mobility through hips and lower back and help relieve lower back pain/stiffness when golfing.

Active Retirement Fit For Life – Join in on our active retirement classes by staying fit and healthy in your retirement while also being a social setting. As you go from working into retirement you may be doing less. Stay active and get moving to keep your mind and body refreshed and full of energy!

At Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic we aim to employ current best practice physiotherapy methods, implementing a holistic treatment approach based on a bio-pyscho-social model.

We take pride in providing clients with sound advice and tips to help them to get back on track in a safe and timely manner.

We provide all clients of Avondhu Physio & Sports Injuries Clinic with sound clinical advice and treatment within a morally grounded framework.

We provide these services to a number of clients in Cork and Waterford including areas such as Fermoy, Mitchelstown, Lismore, Mallow and Cashel.

General Overview Of What We Do

One of the team will:

• Assess you to see what the complaint is.

• Explain to you in ‘simple english’ the source of your pain.

• Treat you by using a wide variety of treatment techniques
specifically tailored to your complaint. Please see our gallery.

• Provide you with a specific rehabilitative exercise programme in our
dedicated rehabilitation room.

• APC aims to ensure you return to normal (pain free & safe) activity
levels as quickly as possible.

• We also follow up with you one month after discharge to see how
you are doing. Thus ensuring you are back to full health without any


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Patrick Hanley Of Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic

Patrick Hanley Of Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic