Ankle & Foot Treatment in Fermoy, Co. Cork

Foot conditions and treatmentsAnkle Ligament Sprain

Occurs when one twists or rolls the ankle. This injury can be treated with PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) during the initial stages. Physiotherapy interventions will promote ligament repair and return to full function minimising the potential of having an unstable ankle.

Ankle painSyndesmosis (High Ankle) Sprain

Our staff will identify this injury and advise you appropriately. Often it will need immediate immobilisation, imaging (MRI) and possible Orthopaedic referral.

ankle sprainAnkle Impingement Syndrome

Refers to a pinching or catching type pain at the front of the ankle when you bend the ankle. Reduced balance:  can be effectively treated with balance and ankle muscle strengthening exercises. At Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic we can assess your balance and help you improve.

Orthotic Prescription

Aims to correct unfavourable biomechanics (body movements).
Some common problems that may require orthotics:
Excess Pronation (flat feet)
Hallux Ridigus (stiff big toe)
Hallux Abducto-Valgus (big toe that points across other toes)
Ankle Equinus  (reduced ankle range of motion)
Sub Optimal Rearfoot Position (non-optimal heel position leading to
Chronic Ankle Instability (repeated ankle sprains due to an unstable
One of our team will:
Assess you for orthotics
Explain how the orthotic device is proposed to work for your complaint
Provide you with a number of different options depending on your