Elbow Conditions

Stiff and Painful Elbow

This may be due to wear and tear at the elbow joint or due to a recent break that can cause the joint to stiffen up after being in cast. Hands on physiotherapy (manual therapy & Soft tissue techniques) can help reduce pain and free up the joint so that you get normal function back again.

golfers elbowGolfers Elbow

Typically relates to pain on the inside part of the elbow (near to where the funny bone lives). One does not have to play golf to experience this pain. Quite often Golfers Elbow along with its sister, Tennis Elbow, can be experienced by people who do repetitive movements.

For example, plumbers who do a lot of wrench work.

tennis elbowTennis Elbow/ Lateral Epicondylitis

Typically refers to pain on the outside of the elbow and is usually sore while gripping objects or in more severe cases with any wrist movement. It can be experienced by clerical staff who use the mouse and keyboard for hours every day or people who play raquet sports. A physiotherapy assessment by one of Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinics staff will identify the source of the pain, be it from the neck, elbow joint of its surrounding muscles.