In most cases you can claim back from your health insurer. It is advisable that you contact your health insurer to clarify your exact level of cover.
Please note: You can also claim back through your tax.
There is no excess due for this and you can claim back 20% of your costs after you have claimed through your health provider.
This can be done through the MED1 form, in the written form as well as online (

Home visits are available.
Our availability to do home visits depends on the clinic work load at that time.
We will do our best to accommodate you ASAP.
Please call the clinic on 025 35015 for further info.

We accept payment by cash or cheque. You will be required to pay at the end of each session. We run accounts for certain companies and clubs, however this needs to be set up in advance and can be arranged by contacting Patrick or Susie on 025 35015 or by email;

On initial assessment, your physiotherapist will give you a rough guide as to how long your treatment is likely to take. In some cases it can be difficult to determine how long certain conditions can take to get better. Progress would be expected after 2 to 3 sessions. Don’t be afraid to ask your physiotherapist at any stage if you are uncertain of anything. You will be reassessed at the beginning of each session which will give you and your physiotherapist a good indication of your progress.

Yes, well at least most of the time anyhow. Most conditions will require you to do certain exercises to help maintain the benefits gained during your treatment.
Your personal exercises will be monitored, reviewed and progressed in line with your rate of recovery and ability to carry them out safely and effectively.
It is your diligence to your exercise programme that will help speed up your recovery rate.

On initial examination please bring:
any scans related to your problem
a list of your current medications
your referral letter from you GP/ Consultant (only if you have been referred)
Comfortable clothing is also advised as you may be asked to remove items of clothing to fully assess your problem.

If you are coming in for an assessment for orthotics, it is very worthwhile to bring several pairs of your footwear with you.

Most appointments last approximately 40 minutes. This can vary depending on the extent of your problem.

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 8pm
Friday: 8.30 am to 7pm
Saturday: Please contact the clinic on 025 35015.
To arrange an appointment please contact the clinic on the 025 35015 where one of our staff will book you in to the first suitable appointment.

No. A referral is not necessary to see a Chartered Physiotherapist. However, APC staff will contact your GP and or Consultant, with your prior approval, to update them regarding your condition and progress.

If you are suffering a pain or (musculoskeletal dysfunction) pain due to sore muscles or joints or irritated nerve tissues it is likely that you would benefit from some physiotherapy.
Without an assessment from a suitably qualified medical practitioner it is difficult to know the extent of any such injury or problem (dysfunction).

The Chartered Physiotherapists at Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic treat injuries such as back pain, neck pain, whiplash, sports injuries, foot pain, frozen shoulder to name but a few. Please see our list of conditions treated for more information.

Our aim as a Chartered Physiotherapy clinic is the reduction of your pain and the correction of any dysfunction or injury that you may have. Most importantly our goal is also to reduce and if possible eliminate any chance of your injury reoccurring.

Chartered Physiotherapists are university trained graduates. All chartered Physiotherapists have undergone at least 1,000 hours of undergraduate training. All Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic staff are Chartered Physiotherapists (have link to ISCP/CPPP website to see the clinic listing) . APC staff engage in regular post graduate training in manual therapy and exercise therapy to keep their skills up to date with current practice methods.

This in turn benefits those who attend the clinic by maximising their rehabilitation potential.

The regulatory body in Ireland is known as the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) and it is imperative that you ensure that your physiotherapist is a member of this body or “Chartered” as the word or title “Physiotherapist” is not protected in Ireland. (Please read the link to find out more about Chartered physiotherapists).

If you are confused as to who you should see, just ask your GP.