Our aim as a Chartered Physiotherapy clinic is the reduction of your pain and the correction of any dysfunction or injury that you may have. Most importantly our goal is also to reduce and if possible eliminate any chance of your injury reoccurring.

Chartered Physiotherapists are university trained graduates. All chartered Physiotherapists have undergone at least 1,000 hours of undergraduate training. All Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic staff are Chartered Physiotherapists (have link to ISCP/CPPP website to see the clinic listing) . APC staff engage in regular post graduate training in manual therapy and exercise therapy to keep their skills up to date with current practice methods.

This in turn benefits those who attend the clinic by maximising their rehabilitation potential.

The regulatory body in Ireland is known as the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) and it is imperative that you ensure that your physiotherapist is a member of this body or “Chartered” as the word or title “Physiotherapist” is not protected in Ireland. (Please read the link to find out more about Chartered physiotherapists).

If you are confused as to who you should see, just ask your GP.