Hip and Pelvis Conditions

hip painHip

The hip can be a source of much discomfort and can grossly affect your ability to get around and to do your daily tasks, not to mention those who are involved in sport.

Stiff and Painful Hip

If the hip joint gets stiff it can get sore when you try to move it. Physiotherapy treatment techniques can help get the hip joint moving again with less pain. We can then teach you self-treatment techniques to help maintain the treatment benefit.

Hip Impingement

Refers to a catching or pinching pain experienced in the groin/front hip region when bringing the knee to the chest. We can treat this using manual therapy techniques.

Gluteus Maximus Dysfunction

The Glute max muscle sometimes does not work like it is supposed to and thus needs treatment and rehabilitation exercises to regain correct function.

Pre & Post Op hip rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can be provided both pre and & post operatively. The reason for pre-operative physio is to help improve hip muscle strength prior to surgery which can help reduce post-op recovery times.

Falls Prevention/Balance rehabilitation

At APC we can assess you to see if you are at risk of experiencing a fall. One of the physio team will then provide you will a tailor made rehab programme aiming at improving overall strength, balance and coordination. This in turn can help reduce the risk of having an unwanted fall.


There can be several possible sources of pain experienced around the pelvic region. A thorough physiotherapeutic examination will help identify the primary source of the pain. Other investigations (MRI) can help in the diagnosis and management of pelvic problems.

pelvic girdle painPelvic Girdle Pain

Refers to any pain in the pelvic region. This may be related to a number of possible sources such as the Pubic Symphysis, Sacro Iliac Joint, Low Back or lower abdomen.

Groin Pain

Typically experienced along the crease where the hip bends up and down. It can often be related to some hip joint, groin muscle or low back problem.

osteitis pubisOsteitis Pubis

Refers to pain that originates from the Pubic region. It can be very sore and debilitating. It is typical of an overload problem in that region which should be assessed and corrected by one of our physiotherapy team.

adductor tendonpathy painAdductor Tendonopathy / Strain

Relates to groin tendon overload / strain. This can happen if overloading or over exertion of the groin muscle-tendon complex occurs.

Example Of Hip Assessment

example of hip assessment