Lower Back Pain Treatment in Fermoy, Co. Cork

lower back painLower Back Pain – Lumbar Spine

Refers to any pain, ache or discomfort in the lower back. This can be due a number of factors such as posture, wear and tear or acute injury due for whatever reason. The source of the pain can be aggravated joints, sore muscles, injured disc(s) or other. One of our team will listen to your back pain history and assess you accordingly. From this they will explain, in simple English, the reason for your pain and will advise you on how to manage. They may use some physiotherapeutic techniques and exercises to help the rehabilitation process.

sciatica referred painSciatica Referred Pain

This refers to pain that travels down the back of the leg.  It can be from a few different sources, ie the low back or hip muscles. A complete physiotherapy assessment will identify the source of the pain and it will be treated appropriately using current treatment techniques.

Posture Advice

wrong postures




See Example Images Below Of Thoracic