Neck Conditions

A list of some common neck complaints.

wry neck painWry Neck Pain – Crick In The Neck

Often experienced after sleeping with your head tilted to one side for an extended period of time, i.e when sleeping on a chair or plane.

headachesHeadaches – Tension and Migranes

It is important to differentiate between tension headache or migrane. One of Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic’s skilled physiotherapists will assess and evaluate the main source of your headache, (muscle tension, neck joint related or other) and treat and advise you accordingly.

vertigo and dizzinessVertigo / Dizziness

These symptoms (room spinning, light headed feeling, dizzy with fast neck turning movements) can be experienced individually and sometimes simultaneously.

They can have a significant impact on ones standard of life. A thorough physiotherapy assessment will identify the primary cause of your symptoms and provide you with effective treatment and rehabilitation exercises to get you back on track.

stiff neck causes and treatmentsStiff Neck / Decreased Movement

This may be due to some increased muscle tension (spasm) or simply due to an irritated neck joint that doesn’t want to move.

degenerative neck jointDegenerative Joint

This in normal language refers to wear and tear. It is common and can benefit from some hands on techniques
(Manual Therapy), sound advice and a complimentary exercises.

back neck painDisc Prolapse

Refers to when part of a disc contents pushes out through the outer wall of a disc. This can often cause significant pain and should be addressed immediately.

nerve root irratationNerve Root / Nerve Irritation

Can be caused by a disc prolapse where the contents of the disc irritate the nerve at its exiting level in the neck, or by over stretching a nerve.

pins and needlesPins and Needles or Altered Sensation In The Arm/Hand

These symptoms can originate from the neck, nerves of the arm or even muscles of the neck/shoulder & forearm. It is important to identify the source of your symptoms and treat accordingly.


Refers to neck pain as a result of a road traffic accident (RTA) or high impact accident, fall or sports collision where a sudden uncontrolled, jerking  of the neck has occurred. Often this causes significant pain and discomfort but can be treated successfully with physiotherapeutic advise and treatment and graded rehabilitative exercises.

tempromandibular joint painTempromandibular Joint Pain

Refers to pain around the jaw and face. This may be due to neck, TM joint  and / or facial muscle dysfunction.