Orthotic Prescription

orthotic prescriptionorthoticAt APC we cater for all types of feet and the many different biomechanical problems that result from sub optimal foot postures.

We offer a broad range of orthotic devices (more commonly known as ‘arch supports’) at various prices depending on your budget. Examples include, off the shelf, semi customised and fully customised orthotic devices from a broad range of reputable manufacturers.

One of our team will conduct a gait analysis and assess your foot posture. In turn they will advise you on the most suitable device for your foot type and main complaint.

Some common complaints include, fallen arches, bunions, metatarsalgia, knee, hip or back pain resulting from poor foot posture.
Aims to correct unfavourable biomechanics (body movements)
related to the foot and ankle.
One of our team will:
Assess you for orthotics
Explain how the orthotic device is proposed to work for your complaint
Provide you with a number of different options depending on your