Shoulder Conditions

stiff and painful shoulderStiff and Painful Shoulder

Pain due to a stiff shoulder which usually responds well to some hands on treatment techniques and a home exercise programme specifically tailored to you.

impringement syndromeImpingement Syndrome

Typically refers to shoulder pain that occurs when raising the arm up overhead or in an arcing movement out to the side. It is important to correctly identify the cause of this problem, .ie acute shoulder joint / tendon irritation, shoulder blade movement issue or muscle activation problem. One of Avondhu Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic staff will assess your shoulder and treat and advise you on your road to recovery.

rotator cuff problemsRotator Cuff Problems

This broadly relates to any problem associated with the rotator cuff structures at the shoulder. They can be direct or indirect source of pain.

shoulder instabilityShoulder Instability

An unstable shoulder. Possibly due to an injury sustained to some or many of the ligament of the shoulder joint by falling awkwardly or through sport.

Post Op Shoulder Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists at Avondhu Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic will help you maximise your recovery following shoulder surgery. We do this by implementing hands on physio complemented by a step by step exercise programme to get you up to full speed, .i.e working, golfing, fishing whatever you are into.

SLAP Lesion

This particular injury can sometime be rehabilitated conservatively through physiotherapy but may need surgery in more severe cases. Avondhu Physio Clinic staff will advise you appropriately once they have conducted an assessment.

frozen shoulderFrozen Shoulder

Can be a painful condition which can greatly affect function and quality of life, i.e it can affect sleep, putting on ones clothes, even personal hygiene.
It can be problematic from approximately six to twenty four months. Physiotherapy treatments can help to reduce the pain to a manageable level while also helping to increase the shoulder mobility and flexibility.

Shoulder Fractures

shoulder fractures











Broken bones can sometimes lead to a variety of problems. Appropriate implementation of a treatment and management plan, complimented with a rehabilitation programme specific to your complaint. This will help get you back doing your usual daily tasks, be it, gardening, working or excercise.

See Shoulder Assessment Image Examples Below

shoulder assessment