Being heavily involved in sport always has the risk of sustaining an injury & that’s exactly what happened to my knee. This kept me from competing in sport for a year. Following surgery, Patrick devised a rehab programme and set mini goals to help guide my recovery. I also found that APC staff were very interested in my recovery and were always contactable when needed. I was very satisfied to have Patrick as my physiotherapist and would highly recommend him to anyone
Michael Pyne, Young GAA player with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction
This year (2012) I came back from a serious knee injury to win silver in The World Kickboxing Championships. Patrick devised a  great rehab programme for me and then helped repair my body from the ravages of all the training I had to do to get back to competing at International level. His help was greatly appreciated.
Colin O' Shaughnessy, Irish Team Kickboxer
Following major surgery in 2012, my surgeon recommended that I attend Patrick at APC. I felt my rehabilitation with Patrick was very thorough and he was very reassuring throughout. After 6 months I am delighted to say that I have made a very successful recovery. I received excellent care and treatment from Patrick and his staff and I highly recommend the clinic to my family and friends. May I take this opportunity to wish Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic every success in the future.
I attended Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic with severe pain in my lower back and leg which had been ongoing for two years. My GP recommended APC and after two or three sessions I began to notice an improvement in my symptoms. I am now walking pain free. I am very pleased with the clinic and found the staff extremely helpful. I received excellent care and follow up and would not hesitate in recommending the clinic to others
Breda, Fermoy, Co. Cork
After years of suffering chronic back pain and exploring a number of different treatment options, I eventually attended Patrick at Avondhu Physiotherapy Clinic. I received excellent care and management from Patrick through a combination of listening to my problem, treating the immediate pain, advising on exercise and monitoring my rehabilitation. I feel this approach was the key to my rehabilitation.
The reason I went to Patrick was because I could not walk correctly due to a weakness in my right leg. Patrick worked on my leg and gave me exercises to do in the pool and at home.

All these things combined improved my mobility greatly. The staff could not be more helpful. I would also like to mention how clean and tidy the reception area and treatment room were.

Finally I would like to say how professional Patrick is. I have no hesitation in recommending Patrick to anyone.

Several weeks ago, without any warning and for no apparent reason, I experienced the onset of fairly severe pain under the heel of my right foot. After ten days of this persistent discomfort, hoping in vain that the pain would improve,

I presented at Avondhu Physiotherapy, where the problem was diagnosed speedily and the pain relieved by an initial taping of the foot to immobilise it.

This was followed by a prescribed series of graded muscle-strengthening exercises over the next four or five weeks. Careful, logical, clear explanations went hand in hand with each of these exercises.

By the end of this period the muscle had healed, the pain was gone and, thanks to the professional treatment delivered by Avondhu Physiotherapy, I was then able to return to normal work.